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Happy New Year, 2014!  I haven’t made any resolutions per se; rather, I have set intentions.  There is a subtle difference between the two. I see resolutions as something arising from my mind or my ego, suggesting that something must change, that perhaps something is “wrong” or “lacking” either in my life or…within me.  Intentions, though, I see as stemming from my spirit or my soul.  Intentions are literally heart-felt.

I’ve set intentions for the month of January, and I will document here the process/progress I’ve outlined for myself.  Some intentions are to be done daily, others three times per week, and I will note how things go throughout the month, keeping flexible and adjusting as needed.  For instance, I am going to meditate daily.  The meditation practice is just that – practice – and I will start with a 10-minute guided meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  To me, meditation is not about tuning out, but rather about tuning in, and I do well with guided meditations as they help me focus on the breath; I don’t find the vocal component at all distracting, and often it can be soothing.  I have also meditated, in the past, with eyes softly focused on a candle and flute music playing in the background.  I have meditated in complete silence.  I’ve tried morning, evening, ten minutes, twenty minutes.  I’ve taken meditation classes.  My intention is to be open to the many ways of practicing meditation, and to keep consistent with it during January as I believe a full-month of practice will establish it within my life.  For now, ten minutes of guided meditation early in the morning before heading off to work will suit me very well, and I have the option on the CD to extend the practice by going directly into a second ten-minute session or to do a ten-minute standing yoga practice, or even a full body scan.  Three times per week minimum, I will practice yoga nidra (a practice of deep relaxation while fully awake, in corpse pose (lying down), as a way of reinforcing my intentions before sleep.

Another intention is to note my observations in this blog, three times per week minimum.  I could write daily, and had considered it; however, I don’t want my intentions to be “the thing I must do, or else!”  I want them to be achievable, and inspiring, not a regimented “chore”.  It feels…vulnerable…blogging to the world, or at least to the world wide web, for sure.  But I am in very good company :-).  I need to express myself in writing – that’s just a part of who I am – and I want to explore and expand it, hone my writing skills, and in the blogging world I will be in the company of many liked-minded writers.  It feels right.

This has all manifested through a personal/professional course I took recently at the university where I work, called Life on Purpose.  The program is based on the book The Four Desires:  Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom by Rod Stryker, an American yoga and meditation teacher.  The opportunity to participate in the course came at just the right moment in my life, when I knew I wanted to explore “purpose”, namely my purpose, but wanted a teacher.  What’s the saying…”when the student is ready the teacher will appear” – it’s true!  I will write about the program in future blogs, as it has had a profound impact on me.  The course provided the basis for the follow-through I am now embarking upon, and I am grateful to the time I had during the Christmas holidays to research some of the aspects I wanted further information on, as well as for the time I had to reflect on the key areas.  I now have my dharma code (my soul’s unique purpose), am aware of my vikalpa (those deep beliefs that obstruct the attainment of one’s soul desires), and have established my sankalpa (my vow or intention to align my actions with my dharma code) – these are loose definitions and come from my “beginner’s mind”.

An Intentional Month is all of the above, and more, I hope!  It’s apropos of the start of a new year as well…timing is everything.

So, as I wrote on a social media site today, “May all your intentions be realized, and your inherent true nature guide your choices during this year.”


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