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ImageLife is like an unfinished knitting project (mine, pictured here).  It’s one of two wristwarmers made from a lovely merino and possum (yes!) wool blend from New Zealand.  The wool is gorgeous, and softens more the more you work with it.  I started the project over one year ago, perhaps two.  And here I am, asking myself the knitter’s eternal question:  why didn’t I finish this?  I loved working on it, loved the colour and feel of the wool and, to boot, it really was an easy project yet had enough of a pattern to make it interesting.  So here I am, taking it out today and noting, firstly, its beauty.  Feeling its softness, exclaiming over its depth of colour and that almost magical hint of black shadow hovering over the brilliant blue wool.  And being astonished yet again that I have wool made from possum fur.  With all of that, I shake my head over why I might have put down this unfinished project in the first place.  Especially considering that, as I type, my hands are cold…I could be wearing those wristwarmers right now!

2nd wristwarmer

[January 4, 2014:  Partial second wristwarmer, on the way!]

Luckily, life is like an unfinished knitting project – we are able to pick up and complete something we’d been working on and, more often than not, when we return to that project or part of our life we’d set aside, being grateful that it has been there all along, just as it was, patiently waiting for us.  Life is forgiving, as is most knitting.  Stitches too tight?  You can loosen them in the next row and they’ll even out in the end.  Stitches too loose?  Tighten them up evenly across the next row and all is well. Dropped a few?  They’re pick-up-able, and if you are not skilled sufficiently to do that, there is always someone more skilled who would love to help.

So it is with life.  Did you muck up a friendship?  You might be surprised at how little it takes to mend it.  Said something you regret?  Regret not saying something?  It’s never too late to go back and do it.  And if you don’t feel sufficiently skilled to go it alone, there is always someone who’s been there, done that, and would love to help.

Blogging, apparently, also waits.  It’s almost two years since I last wrote here.  Yet, returning to it I am able to pick up where I left off.  WordPress changed my blog theme, but everything else was just as I’d left it.  Now I have a new theme, which I quite like – it’s a small, but refreshing change.  I don’t, though, have new wool or new knitting needles, but I am going to finish the second wristwarmer.  Sometimes you don’t need change or something new – you just need to pick up your project, or that part of your life, and carry on.


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