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Cabled Cowl

And here is the cabled cowl (neck warmer):  I used the recommended wool, Patons Roving, in “cherry”…and it really does look like the colour of cherry popsicles…my favourite :-).  So yes, I had issues with this project, namely that I didn’t think I was making the cables correctly, the operative word, it turns out two months later, being “think”!  Thinking does get me into a lot of trouble, most of it unnecessary.  After repeatedly unravelling the three to four inches I would typically complete, and starting over only to unravel it all again, I finally managed to just keep knitting enough to see the beautiful pattern emerging.  I was doing it “correctly”!  I just had to get out of my own way and let it be.  (Head shaking occuring now…mine, but probably yours too!).

I have a hard time learning the knitting lesson that one has to actually knit the damn thing long enough to see the pattern emerge and, with cables, long enough to see how they intertwine.  Not all cables intertwine quite so much as the ones in this cowl; usually, in a sweater, for example, you will have a vertical row of cables interspersed with vertical rows of stocking stitch, with the plain knitting offsetting the cables, highlighting them.  In this project, the cables form what I call a chaotic effect – continuous cabling throughout…probably what accounts for its being a neck warmer.   It’s half-done now, and I will finish it before Christmas, which will work out fine as here in Nova Scotia the “real” winter weather often doesn’t arrive until after Christmas, so I can console myself with the fact that I didn’t actually need a thick, cabled neck warmer up til now!  I’m looking forward to wearing this, maybe with my navy blue pea jacket.  And the roving wool is so soft and thick…this will definitely be a toasty-warm accessory.  Now, if only I could figure out how to wrap the text around the image!


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Here is the mug hugger I made for Stefanie:   I used Patons Decor “Dark New Green” (a.k.a. “army green”), and two “camoflauge” buttons.  I was having some issues with the cables for another project, a neck warmer, so thought I would practice the  procedure on something small.  And I was happy to see that not only was this a fun thing to make, but it was really easy…and Ecco! (as we say in Italian)…here it is!   I will make one for a friend of Stef’s who is also in Edmonton preparing for Afghanistan, and I believe I will contact Ottawa to suggest this become part of regular military kit.  🙂

Yes, I’m kidding about Ottawa!

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Back from Oblivion

Wow, hard to believe I’ve been away since August…well, e-away at any rate.  Excuses?  School, for one – taking two half-credit university courses while working full-time can put a dent in one’s free time.  Running…gee, I hope my body will fall into muscle-memory mode when I eventually do get my butt in gear and out on the road.  Sigh.  I was taking a half-marathon training clinic, but for a number of reasons have taken a break from it, and now am in the crunch of schoolwork, with two essays due and two exams coming up, all to be finished by December 10.  Yay!  My motivation is that this means only one more half-credit course before I graduate.

My daughter is in Edmonton at present, undergoing some pre-Afghanistan military training.  She’ll be home for Christmas, but returns to Edmonton in January and leaves for Kandahar in April, returning January 2012.

I’ve been knitting, though!  I made Stef a cute cabled “mug hugger”…using army-green yarn and camouflage buttons :-).  Hey, I stand behind our troops, and she likes military “accessories”.  I wonder if DND would approve camouflage knitted texting gloves??  I’m making myself a cabled neck warmer, which is finally showing signs of life!  More about it, and the pic, at my Knitting category.

Cooking has been more practical lately than creative, although I hosted Thanksgiving dinner here in October, and that was absolutely lovely, if I do say so myself.  Hard to believe (for me), but I had never cooked a turkey before…it was always either my husband or, later, family and friends, so this undertaking was a big one for me.  I loved it!  I made fresh rolls, a pumpkin cheesecake, cooked some standbys like garlic mashed potatoes (thanks, Stefanie, for putting that together!), carrots/turnip, and I tried a new recipe – Brussels sprouts with bacon…yum.  I have been the one to make the stuffing all these years (sausage-apple, this year with the addition of fresh chopped sage), as well as cranberry chutney, so those had to be part of the meal.  Makes me hungry just writing all that :-).

With Christmas approaching, I expect to be spending more time in the kitchen.  I will make my traditional French-Canadian tourtière, and I’m sure some other goodies.  With the term finished as of December 10, I hope to squeeze in cooking, knitting, and running.  Now, enough procrastinating…back to my essay!

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